Noya Partnership Uses Heat Exchangers to Capture CO2

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    What if heat exchangers could help save the planet?

    Through our partnership with Noya, that dream is becoming a reality.

    A New Way to Capture CO2

    Noya is a startup company with a unique sustainability-focused mission: using cooling towers to capture as much CO2 as the United States produces.

    “We see ourselves as the cleanup crew,” said Daniel Cavero, Co-founder and CTO for Noya. “We have found a way to take CO2 out of the air, capture it, and repurpose it through the use of existing infrastructure.”

    The process works by utilizing Noya’s non-toxic CO2-absorbing chemical blend, which is added to a cooling tower’s water to absorb CO2. The extra CO2 is then stored onsite and later taken and sold to companies for making new products.

    Meeting the Immediate Need for a Heat Exchanger

    AGC Heat Exchanger Model 080-SThe Noya team, totaling five people at the start, built their direct air capture process in under four months. One of the challenges? Securing a heat exchanger that could be ready in record time. 

    “When Noya came to us, they needed the heat exchanger yesterday,” said Penny Vander Velden, Director of Sales and Marketing for AGC. “We knew that supply chain issues could impact our customers, so we stocked up on materials early. As a result, we had what Noya needed, but it wasn’t assembled. So we got to work.”

    AGC’s Model 080-S Frame heat exchanger is now installed in the cooling tower, where it heats the water and contributes to the overall process to regenerate CO2 in its pure form. 

    “We didn’t know exactly what we needed when we started shopping for a heat exchanger,” said Cavero. “I feel like we looked at every manufacturer that exists once we were ready to get going. Between having what we needed stocked, their stellar communication, and their expertise in the field, working with AGC was an easy choice for us.” 

    And Noya isn’t stopping with just one cooling tower.

    “Our goal is to be in each one of the two million cooling towers in the U.S.,” said Cavero. With this goal at the forefront, the math shows that this innovative process could capture 7–10 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year.

    A Commitment to Prevent Wasted Heat

    While Noya is tackling CO2 with the help of a heat exchanger, they are also focused on using heat efficiently. 

    “Wasted heat is often overlooked when it comes to sustainability measures,” said Cavero, “but it’s a close second to CO2 in terms of negative impact on the planet. It very literally heats up the earth.” 

    Noya’s awareness of the impacts of heat on the planet closely aligns with AGC’s goal to raise awareness around the positive uses for heat, and the responsibility that comes with owning a product like a heat exchanger.

    “Wasted BTUs are not only bad for the environment, but they’re also expensive,” said Vander Velden. “At our core, we’re focused on eliminating that twofold repercussion for our customers, and we’re proud to partner with a like-minded company.”

    Already, Noya is looking to expand to continue implementing their equipment and process into existing cooling towers across the country. As they expand, AGC is proud to work alongside them to provide the heat exchangers they need to create a better future.

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