Reduce Downtime and Overhead Costs for Your Dairy Processing Plant

    For over 30 years, AGC has been designing custom heat exchangers that are the most efficient for the dairy industry based on each customer's unique needs.

    Take the Bottlenecks Out of Your Production Line

    The engineering of our ProFlow series heat exchanger plates helps you lessen equipment downtime by reducing pressure drops, and making your cleaning cycle more efficient.

    Our automated hydraulic frames make for easy cleaning and shorter maintenance turnaround times, and the entire unit meets all 3-A Sanitary Standards.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a plate heat exchanger do in a dairy manufacturing facility?

    A plate heat exchanger is used to indirectly transfer heat from one liquid to another through shared contact with a conductive, hygienic metal plate.

    In the dairy industry, it’s typically used to cool dairy products down to storage temperature, heat them for pasteurization, and cool back down again for bottling or processing. Plate heat exchangers also work well to recover those BTUs to pre-heat liquids for further processing, such as evaporation.

    What makes plate heat exchangers great for dairy processing plants?

    Plate heat exchangers are the most efficient type of heat exchangers on the market today. Because of their broad surface area, they heat and cool liquids at an accelerated rate in comparison to shell or tube heat exchangers.

    Plate heat exchangers can also utilize reused heat (with up to a 95% regeneration rate), saving plants money on water and electricity.

    Can a plate heat exchanger process all kinds of dairy products?

    Part of the difficulty of dairy processing is the complex portfolio of products a plant is expected to handle on a daily basis.

    AGC’s custom-engineered ProFlow plates are more than capable of taking on dairy products of any setpoint or viscosity, including cheese, yogurt, and ice cream mixes to whey, WPC, and permeate.

    What if I need to scale my dairy processing equipment in the future?

    At any size or configuration, we can design a solution that will fit your plant. As production needs increase, we can work through a restream or potentially add sections to your existing unit to get more through your heat exchanger.

    What if my dairy manufacturing facility needs spare or replacement parts?

    AGC can often overnight gaskets and small plate orders, and we have short lead times on complete plate packs.

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