Avoid Cross Contamination - Let Platecheck be the roadmap for your maintenance plan

AGC’s PlateCheck service has been successfully helping clients avoid costly surprises for over 20 years. Our customers use the report details to address immediate attention items, as well as plan for future replacement of plates, gaskets or frame components. Rather than waiting for a critical failure and costly downtime, having your plate heat exchanger on a PlateCheck program, provides consistent uptime for your operation.

AGC’s PlateCheck method meets 3A standard 11-09. Our food-safe testing method checks 100% of each plate’s surface and will precisely identify plates with leaks that cause cross contamination. We also evaluate the condition of the heat exchanger’s frame, gaskets and CIP response. The comprehensive report provided after the service rates gasket, CIP, frame and plate condition, noting any leaking plates down to the exact location.  

We can test any model unit, of any size and provide the same thorough evaluation. See more details on our PlateCheck service below.

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