Return your heat exchanger plates to like-new condition

Our complete regasketing service consists of gasket debonding, chemical cleaning, ultra-violet penetrant crack detection, physical inspection for excess wear or bending, and application of a new gasket with oven curing of adhesive under pressure. As an OEM of a proprietary line of gasketed plate heat exchangers, we understand the importance of using the correct materials and methods to achieve reliable operation of your heat exchangers. 

The regasketing procedure can be divided into two stages. The first stage includes cleaning and testing of the plates. This is important to ensure proper inspection of the plate, as well as de-scale plates for optimum heat transfer performance. The second stage includes gasketing of plates which passed testing and assembled into the plate pack order per your drawing, for easy installation by your maintenance personnel.

Typically customers with larger plate heat exchangers choose to regasket existing plate packs to save downtime and labor. This is accomplished through a spare plate pack, which is exchanged on a periodic basis per the maintenance schedule.

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