The Fastest and Most Efficient Solution to Corn Wet Milling

    AGC’s trailblazing plate design and large variety of sanitary, task-specific products will guarantee a more efficient (and cost-effective) corn wet milling process.

    Meet the Equipment That Will Revolutionize Your Corn Wet Milling Process

    Introduce automation into your operation with heat transfer products from AGC. Our plate heat exchangers combine technology and sanitation to provide maximum efficiency. 

    By automating your corn wet milling process, and eliminating costs that unsanitary machinery can incur, you’ll ensure that your process can run uninterrupted for several cycles.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will a plate heat exchanger improve my steeping process?

    The steeping process of a corn wet milling operation requires corn to be kept between 125 and 130 degrees for up to 40 hours. 

    Because heat exchanger plates have such a large surface area, heat can be transferred evenly and accurately to large batches of corn over a long period of time.

    Why is a plate heat exchanger better for automated corn wet milling?

    Plate heat exchangers can be automated to perform multiple stages of the corn wet milling process without human interaction. 

    Additionally, AGC’s ProFlow Series corrugated plates are capable of processing products like syrups and sugars that have a high viscosity.

    Can a plate heat exchanger improve the quality of my high fructose corn syrup?

    Frequent issues with heat transfer products such as corrosion and deterioration can compromise the quality of your corn wet milling products. 

    AGC Heat Transfer works with customers to conduct yearly plate checks and make spare part recommendations that help facilities meet sanitation standards and quality checks.

    Will a plate heat exchanger save me money on my corn wet milling process?

    Thanks to our state-of-the-art fluid channel design, AGC plate heat exchangers run with a paramount level of efficiency. Our plates also ensure ideal pressure throughout your operation to prevent costly hiccups such as freezing or clogging. 

    This level of efficiency (coupled with the drastic reduction of maintenance costs) can help you recoup your investment quicker than other methods of heat transfer.

    Quality Products, Engineered for Excellence

    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

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