Speed Up Your Edible Oil Processing and Save on Energy Costs

    AGC’s oil heat exchangers give you the ability to refine your edible fats and oils with unparalleled efficiency. Our plates’ high energy recovery rates can even reduce your operational expenses.

    Optimize Your Precision Operation With Less Downtime

    The engineering of our ProFlow series heat exchanger plates guarantees high turbulent flow across the entire surface area, accelerating heat transfer and ensuring every cleaning cycle is quick and effective.

    Add on our automated hydraulic frames, and lengthy delays due to maintenance will become a distant memory.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an oil plate heat exchanger?

    An oil heat exchanger uses thermal transfer to cool or heat fats and oils. In a plate heat exchanger, two liquids (typically oil and water), are separated by a shared metal plate, which conducts heat between them.

    With our food-grade stainless steel plates meeting all 3-A Sanitary Standards,  (and being fitted with elastomeric gaskets and external vents), there’s virtually no chance of cross-contamination.

    How is an oil plate heat exchanger used in the edible oil refinement process?

    Plate heat exchangers are used to heat unrefined oil during various points of the refining process, as well as cool the heated oil after extraction. 

    As edible fats and oils are processed, the precision of the thermal transfer equipment is vital in the pinpoint science of refining oils to their highest quality.

    What makes a good vegetable oil heat exchanger?

    An ideal vegetable oil heat exchanger, such as AGC’s ProFlow series, will effortlessly process all types of fats and oils at any refining temperature or viscosity. From the lightest walnut oil to the thickest peanut butter, a well-engineered plate heat exchanger can handle it all. 

    Most importantly, it will be consistent, minimizing oxidation and guaranteeing premium flavor and clarity.

    What if I need to expand my oil plate heat exchanger operations?

    Because of our equipment’s modular design, scaling and ramping up production is easy. 

    Plus, we’ll never leave you behind the competition, or in the lurch. We’re always here to upgrade your plates and gaskets, as well as service your current equipment. You can leave field PlateCheck testing, inspections, and parts replacement to us.

    Quality Products, Engineered for Excellence

    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

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