Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs for Your Liquid Egg Processing

    AGC’s plate heat exchangers have the power to accelerate your plant’s liquid egg processing abilities, enabling you to increase efficiency and save on costly sanitation interruptions.

    Reduce Contamination Risk With Dedicated Food-Grade Plates

    Our hydraulic units have the ability to reduce downtime. Egg facilities required to undergo inspection of heat exchangers on a daily basis find incredible value in AGC for this reason. AGC’s ProFlow series heat exchanger plates were rigorously engineered to go beyond  3-A sanitary standards, guaranteeing the highest level of food safety.

    Not only does their design save energy with reduced pressure drops, but our higher CIP flow rates make cleaning a breeze.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do plate heat exchangers work for egg processing?

    A plate heat exchanger works by running two separate liquids at contrasting temperatures along a shared stainless steel plate. 

    In egg processing, these two liquids are usually liquid egg and water. Both stay separated and sanitary, while the egg is either heated or cooled by the thermal conductivity of the shared plate.

    What do plate heat exchangers do in liquid egg processing lines?

    Within the specialized equipment line-up of egg processing plants, plate heat exchangers serve two purposes. 

    First, they chill freshly separated eggs down to a safe 4°C for storage. Then, they heat the eggs to precise pasteurization temperatures in order to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and extend shelf-life.

    Are plate heat exchangers efficient for egg processing and pasteurization?

    Absolutely. Within plate heat exchangers, eggs can be rapidly heated to over 130°F, then held there, killing off all bacteria and meeting USDA standards for egg safety. 

    AGC’s ProFlow heat exchanger plates provide even distribution with consistent turbulent flow, speeding up the heating process for maximum operational efficiency and lowering energy costs.

    What if I need to scale my liquid egg processing equipment in the future?

    When you’re hoping to increase production or rearrange equipment to fulfill processing requirements for different egg products, AGC can help. All of our plate heat exchangers are modular, meaning it’s easy to add or move plates as your needs change.

    We can also upgrade plate packs and gaskets as the newest technology becomes available, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge.

    Quality Products, Engineered for Excellence

    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

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    With inferior equipment, every day is a roll of the dice. AGC’s food-grade heat transfer technology guarantees the sanitation and speed of your liquid egg processing operation. Contact us, and we’ll partner to accelerate your production and your profit.

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