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    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

    Get Ahead of Your Competition with Cutting-Edge Heat Transfer Technology

    Our innovation in heat exchanger design has made us the leading provider of sanitary heat exchange products in North America. Whether you’re starting from scratch, replacing obsolete equipment, or expanding your current system, our team provides the best technology our industry has to offer.

    ProFlow Series Plates

    Designed to accommodate viscous food applications, these sanitary plates guarantee fewer pressure drops in your cross-flow heat exchanger, leading to better cleaning response and energy savings.

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    Hydraulic Frames

    Maximize safety and efficiency by removing manual labor from your inspection process. Control your heat exchanger’s hydraulics with the lift of a lever.

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    Twin Spindle Frames

    A twin spindle frame heat exchanger is perfect for a plant that wants to reduce inspection and cleaning time without the upfront cost of a hydraulic frame.

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    Stainless Tie-bar Frames

    A staple in stainless steel plate heat exchange, these steel-clad units maintain supreme strength and an impressive pressure rating ideal for any sanitary food and beverage applications.

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    Other OEM Equipment

    “Building the best, servicing the rest.” AGC has a large stock of OEM products on hand for your plate heat exchanger. Don’t put up with unreasonable backorders — contact us, and we’ll serve you quickly.

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    Powder Coated, Mild Steel Tie-bar Frames

    These heavy-duty steel frames are built to last. With AGC’s ProFlow plates and a powder coating to prevent corrosion, they’re perfect for utility applications where the heat exchanger is rarely opened.

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    "Matched" Hot Water Sets

    Our custom, compact design water-to-water heat exchangers are your answer for reliable hot water supply, reduced fouling, accurate temperature control, and improved run times.

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    Pilot Scale Heat Exchanger

    This miniature plate heat exchanger functions just like our industrial products, but at a fraction of the size. We recommend these for educational purposes, but they’re also appropriate for smaller-scale production.

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    Pulsation Dampeners

    This pulse control device will extend the life of your equipment. Natural pressure spikes are equalized by the expansion of a rubber sleeve, effectively combating destructive vibrations.

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    If Heat Transfer is the Question, AGC is the Answer

    AGC checks all of your company’s boxes. We offer the best products, the best service, and the fastest provision of parts. Don’t settle for a less efficient operation — call AGC today.

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