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AGC Heat Transfer, Inc. is the leading supplier of sanitary plate heat exchangers in North America. By manufacturing plate heat exchangers specifically designed for sanitary applications, we’ve designed and developed plates that outperform those made by other brands. Customers looking to upgrade their sanitary applications, increase process efficiencies, and reduce overhead expenses have a lot to benefit from choosing AGC as their heat exchanger manufacturer.

We provide complete heat exchangers services, including new frames, upgraded plate packs, new gaskets, and spare parts that work with frames from the majority of manufacturers. AGC frames available are tie-bolt, twin spindle, and hydraulic (automatic) closure. We also offer field PlateCheck testing and inspections of plate heat exchangers that meets the 3-A sanitary standard.

Whatever heat exchanger needs you may have – new products, spare parts, diagnostics, or service, AGC Heat Transfer has you covered.

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