Eliminate Guesswork With Rheology Testing

Every top chef knows that slight changes can make or break a recipe. If you’ve made any changes to your products or production goals, we’ll help you make sure you’ll see the rewards!

Do You Need Rheology Testing?

Good news — we offer rheology testing at no cost! But you’re busy, so we’ve created a quick quiz to see if rheology is the right next best step for you. Take the quiz below to get started!

Why Is Rheology Testing Important?

Rheology testing measures how materials or ingredients react to stress — like heat and pressure. Accurate testing can help save food and beverage companies time and money in numerous ways, including:

  • Offering an affordable or no-cost method of quality control 
  • Letting you know if you can change vendors without sacrificing quality
  • Making it easier to improve taste and mouthfeel 
  • Confirming that your equipment is configured correctly for a new or different product 
  • Evaluating whether your existing equipment can handle a new product or production requirement