AGC Supports many other OEM's - From gaskets, plates & engineering restreams, we service all major plate heat exchanger brands

AGC’s motto is “Building the Best, Servicing the Rest” and are your single source plate heat exchanger expert. We are here to provide equipment and services for all major brands such as APV, Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak. For those items that other OEM’s have discontinued or have given you unrealistic lead times for, our large stock of plates, gaskets, and frame components allows us to serve you quickly.

Below is a short list of other OEM models we stock. If you don’t see your model below, contact us to check stock levels and lead time for what you need.


Clip10 M6-M H7 R5 SR9 UX-40 H17 T-4 S37
Clip8 P22 P2 P405 TR15 AT10 CB435 CB655 S STAR 90
Clip6 TS6-M P45 RFF Evap ER5 AT80 S37 K55 V-60
M10-M M10-B HMB SR1 UX-01 S65 N35 CB S  
M15-M K55 HX SR2 UX-05 X-19 AT20 CJHM  
M15-B Clip3 JR SR3 UX-10 V28 S21 N40  
M6 H10 NR5 SR6-GL UX-20 CB217 SM9 AT40  


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