ProFlow Series Plates


    In 1995, AGC recognized the need for plates designed for food applications versus using plates from industrial applications. AGC developed food specific plates, which we call the ProFlow series. AGC’s ProFlow series plates are engineered to have a widened inlet design, which better accommodates viscous food applications. This less restrictive flow path results in reduced pressure drops. Not only is there energy savings with reduced pressure drops, but this allows for higher CIP flowrates at similar pressure loss, resulting in a better cleaning response.

    Distribution pattern with line contact points provides strength and minimizes contact point damage. In addition, it provides the distribution of viscous products to the outer edge of the plate to maximize heat transfer and minimize channeling.

    Consider upgrading your heat exchanger plates to Proflow series plates. Contact us to learn more or discuss other features of our ProFlow plates.

    Download the specs for each Proflow series upgrade: