Consistency & Scalability for Brewing

    AGC’s brewery plate heat exchangers get your wort from pasteurization to fermentation consistently. Consistency is crucial in the brewing process to ensure every batch's integrity is maintained.

    The New MVP of Your Brewing Operation

    Our ProFlow series heat exchanger plates have been meticulously engineered to provide the optimal balance of heat transfer and fluid flow, making it possible to cool pasteurized beer at rapid speeds.

    These plates meet all the 3-A Sanitary Standards (along with our even stricter internal standards), and are removable for preventative maintenance.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a brewery plate heat exchanger do?

    A brewery plate heat exchanger cools down pasteurized wort to get it ready for fermentation. The machine transfers the heat from your wort to a cooled liquid through contact with a shared metal plate that prevents cross-contamination.

    These plates are fitted with elastomeric gaskets and vented to surrounding atmosphere, eliminating any chance of fluids commingling.

    Why should my plant use a plate heat exchanger for brewing?

    Plate heat exchangers maximize the surface area used for heat transfer, which accelerates the cooling process and gets the wort to fermentation faster. Through efficient production, brewers can also increase their output.

    The heat absorbed from the boiled wort can also be repurposed to save on energy costs. 

    Are plate heat exchangers good for pasteurizing beer?

    Plate heat exchangers are mainly used to remove heat from wort, rather than add heat during the pasteurization process. 

    However, because AGC’s brewery heat exchangers are pristinely sanitary, water that absorbs the heat from one batch of wort can be used in a new mash conversion, giving the boil a head start.

    What if I need to scale my heat exchanger brewing in the future?

    AGC’s brewing heat exchangers are modular, meaning you’ll be able to add plates as you scale and ramp up your production.

    We can also provide you with upgraded plate packs and new gaskets, helping you ensure your brewing operation is always taking advantage of ultramodern heat transfer technology as it becomes available.

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    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

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