Slash Your Maintenance Costs, and Improve Your Beverage Quality

    AGC guarantees supreme sanitization standards for our plate heat exchangers. Finally, you can save money on cleaning and maintenance costs, while improving the long-term quality standards of your beverage products.

    Get Faster Performance Without Sacrificing Consistency

    Heat exchanger plates from AGC’s ProFlow series provide fast and accurate heat transfer. Rapidly achieve cool temperatures for CO2 injection, or hot temperatures for juice pasteurization.

    Because of their large surface area, our plates are capable of heating and cooling your beverage products quickly, with remarkably consistent temperatures throughout the batch.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are plate heat exchangers preferred in the beverage industry?

    AGC plate heat exchangers can decrease your current energy expenditures by over 90% while preserving the quality of your products. Guaranteed low pressure losses and high sanitation standards mean lower operating costs for your company.

    How do food and beverage heat exchangers optimize my beverage production?

    Variable pressing depths and a large heat exchange surface area deliver efficient thermal performance, and closely controlled heating and cooling. 

    You rely on hyper-accurate and sanitary temperature control for tasks like juice pasteurization and liquor distillation. AGC plate heat exchangers are your all-purpose solution for these needs.

    What beverages can be tempered using a plate heat exchanger?

    Virtually any beverages you need to temper are compatible with a plate heat exchanger. AGC products are commonly used for fruit juice, liquor, soft drinks, tea, and syrup.

    Even beverage products containing carbonation and pulp can be tempered with a plate heat exchanger. The more challenging task would be to find a beverage that is not compatible with AGC machines.

    Can I pasteurize fruit juice with a plate heat exchanger?

    Absolutely. Fruit juice pasteurization is one of the more common uses of a plate heat exchanger within the beverage industry.

    The large heat exchange surface area leads to a quick and consistent heating and cooling process, which is great for pasteurizing fruit juice, as well as distilling liquor and carbonating soft drinks.

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    AGC heat exchange equipment is built to last. Since 1991, we’ve refused to cut corners in providing our clients with machines that stand the test of time.

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