Covering all your Frame Needs - From Individual Frame Components to Complete New Units

Many components on a plate and frame heat exchanger can be sold separately to accommodate production changes or simply to replace worn parts.  Items like bearings, bolts and tie bars wear from frequent opening but with most frame components in stock, replacement is quick and easy. If AGC is restreaming your heat exchanger, we also stock numerous sized spindles, rails and push tubes to reduce lead times, so you can implement your project. No matter the OEM model, AGC has solutions for your expansion needs.

For larger component replacements such as end supports or fixed ends, AGC can supply the new equipment and perform an installation service to ensure proper fitment. Many of our frame components retrofit into other manufactures units, leaving us as the sole equipment provider for these OEM obsoleted frame models.

If your frame has reached the end of its life and it’s no longer economically reasonable to replace components, AGC has many new frame models to suit ANY processing need.

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