What Value Means – How AGC Goes the Extra Mile for Customers

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    At AGC, we believe our customers drive progress, not the other way around.

    The strong relationship we have with our customers has allowed AGC to become the leading supplier of sanitary plate heat exchangers in North America. We specialize in heat transfer plates made exclusively for the food and sanitary industry, so our products and services have evolved to anticipate the needs of that niche market.

    Here at AGC, we operate on four business principles:

    • Social
    • Business Integrity
    • Environmental Responsibility
    • Transparency

    Value is based on more than just price, and going the extra mile is easy when you’re fixated on the success of your customers.

    Wherever You Are in the World, We’re There to Serve

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    The use of plate heat exchangers isn’t limited to the United States. The entire world now relies on this foundational technology to provide cost-efficient heat transfer to their buildings, plants, and devices.

    Since we have every intention of improving our services, we must always strive to reach new customers, wherever they may be.

    Our locations in Virginia, Wisconsin, and Oregon ensure that our U.S. customers are always within “earshot.” For those further away, we have the infrastructure to communicate and ship anywhere from Iceland to Timbuktu.

    We Provide Comprehensive Installation Assistance

    At AGC we offer installation assistance, but what we actually deliver is peace of mind. Our lead times are far better than other companies relying on overseas sourcing to comprise inventory and replacement components.

    Our assistance also extends beyond first-time builds. For those replacing or moving a unit, our technicians can provide disassembly supervision services so that your unit settles in its ideal location.

    We package plates, whether new or restored, in an easy to manage, dynamic fashion. Once you receive your shipment, each piece you remove from the packaging itself is sequential to how you'll install it making the process smoother. Depending upon the situation, one of our expert technicians can meet you at your company site and do everything necessary to make sure your unit runs perfectly from day one.

    We Empower Your Staff With Continuing Education

    The installation process is only the beginning of your unit’s lifespan.

    Unlike a mobile phone, your plate heat exchanger is not something that gets upgraded every year. Our products are built to last, so enrolling in continuing education will help minimize mistakes, increase safety, and reduce downtime at your plant.

    Our PHE101 class provides your staff with the working knowledge they need to understand and intuit our plate heat exchangers, as well as prepare for the variety of inevitable troubleshooting events, such as a leak or plate wear.

    And yes, there will be a quiz at the end of the lesson.

    Our Restoration Services Help Keep Your Heat Exchanger Running Like New

    At AGC Heat Transfer, we want your unit to always run at optimal levels. However, plate heat exchangers are not invincible. Maintenance is required (and recommended!) from time to time, and occasionally it involves something more complex than clean-in-place protocols.

    When servicing heat plate exchangers specifically built for the sanitary market, there’s an extra layer of care that must be taken to prevent cross-contamination. AGC’s proprietary PlateCheck method allows us to quickly identify and replace any plates that fall short of the 3-A sanitary standard.

    At the end of your restoration service, you’ll receive an exclusive maintenance report that you can keep for your records. This will not only help you assess where your equipment sits in real-time, it also provides invaluable data for an upcoming audit and insight into future capital expense budgeting.

    Our Team Will Move as Fast as You Need Us to

    If your plant or facility is expanding its square footage, that could significantly change the demands of your plate heat exchanger. While the long-term implications are a net positive, the short-term stress of the project can put a strain on your operations.

    You need assurance that you won’t be held back by slow third parties.

    AGC Heat Transfer is committed to being in lockstep with deadlines on your terms. Make or model doesn’t matter. Size doesn’t matter. We can even go so far as to redesign your heat exchanger if need be.

    All that matters to us is your satisfaction.

    We Integrate Your Input Into Our Product Design 

    Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

    The real-life experiences we encounter when working for our customers cannot be simulated in an R&D laboratory. However, we use every bit of that valuable data and synthesize it into our latest products.

    Our ProFlow series of heat transfer plates are a result of 25 years of technological innovation molded by customer input.

    These plates are designed specifically for the food industry, and our wide inlets allow for better flow with viscous food applications, as well as increased energy efficiency.

    When you speak, we do more than just listen. We innovate.

    The Road Less Traveled

    Companies are ultimately judged on customer satisfaction, and along with our products, it’s something that we always strive to improve.

    Contact us today to speak with one of our expert technicians. We’re eager to know how our technicians can go the extra mile for you.


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