What’s the Best Place to Get Replacement Heat Exchanger Parts?

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    ​​When you need replacement parts for your heat exchanger, sometimes it can be difficult to know where you can get the best quality for the best value. This often comes down to choosing between your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or working with an equipment reseller. In working with AGC, you don’t have to make that decision! We support our equipment as well as the competition.

    What too few managers know is that while OEMs specialize in parts for their own manufactured equipment, these parts can seamlessly work with other brands. For example, our plates are a direct drop-in upgrade into some non-AGC heat exchangers on the market today. 

    So how do you know which part will work best with your equipment? And what if something goes wrong down the road? Read on to discover the benefits of working with an OEM for all of your equipment needs.

    You'll Receive Direct Support From the Pros

    AGC heat exchanger engineers are industry experts who painstakingly design every detail of our equipment for your process. When you contact our heat exchanger support teams, you have a direct line to talented professionals who know every aspect of your equipment whether OEM or competitor models. 

    Whether you need advice on getting the most out of your heat exchanger or need to talk through a problem that showed up during recent maintenance, an AGC engineer can get all the information you need no matter the brand.

    If You Have a Problem, You Can Expect a Quick Solution

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    AGC can offer valuable customer support for all equipment and parts, regardless of manufacturer. We have a large team of support engineers and service experts who are ready to visit your site and service your equipment.

    We know heat exchangers in and out because we work with them every day. When you give us a call, there’s a good chance that we have seen the issue before and can work with you to solve it.

    Replacement Parts at the Ready

    At AGC, we pride ourselves on our ability to stock what customers need. When we come out for a service call, we often have replacement parts on hand to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Because we manufacture our own parts, we have more levers we can pull to get you what you need when an issue arises, whereas an equipment reseller may be at the mercy of the supply chain.

    Streamline Repairs and Maintenance


    AGC is the leading sanitary heat exchanger manufacturer in the U.S. As an OEM, we manufacture and maintain most of our own parts, but we also offer our expert repair services for equipment of any OEM. So whether you’re looking for a heat exchanger rebuild, or need a tune-up on your existing system, we have you covered. Contact AGC today and learn more about how we can keep your operations running smoothly.


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