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    Choosing a heat exchanger company requires a great degree of trust. Your heat exchanger unit is the heart of your plant, and if something goes wrong, any wait time on maintenance or repairs is money down the drain.

    Most heat exchanger companies are experts in their own brand — but when your production line uses a bunch of different brands, calling multiple companies (and then being transferred to different departments) wastes a lot of time. Even once you submit your request, it can be tough to find a reliable service provider — and in some cases, you might even lose your service provider, leaving you stranded for help.

    At AGC, we support nearly anyone's equipment. Read on to learn how we can save you time and improve your bottom line.

    We Specialize in All Heat Exchanger Brands

    Here at AGC, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence as the leading supplier of sanitary plate heat exchangers in North America. We not only consult on and supply equipment, but we also design custom pieces and employ a team of top-notch service providers to handle repairs and maintenance. And because we manufacture state-side, we often have the shortest lead times in the industry.

    industry-dairy-milkThe best news? We can handle nearly all equipment no matter the brand or model. Our industry-leading engineers have seen it all, and we’re ready to travel to you for reliable routine service checks, necessary fixes, or exchanges. So if you can't get ahold of the company that manufactured your equipment, we can help you out.

    With 25 years of experience and hundreds of clients around the United States, AGC knows the value of a job well done. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the AGC difference and why you can trust the future of your plant in our hands — no matter what equipment you use.

    From Basic Equipment to Customized Units

    Does your plant use multiple heat exchangers all made by a different manufacturer? In many cases, this would require you to work with a handful of different companies to get replacement parts and services. At AGC, we service any manufacturer's equipment and offer replacement parts that fit nearly all plants' heat exchangers.

    While standard equipment might work well in the short term, it can be limiting. If you’re looking to expand your plant in the near future, create additional products, or move into more specialized manufacturing, you’re going to need customized units. Starting from a customized base makes it easier to scale up or down the line without disrupting your production process.

    Think about it this way: if you’re rooting around in manufacturer graveyards to make a Frankenstein unit for your specific needs, you’re better off investing in a fully custom heat exchanger design. At AGC, we understand the importance and benefits of using a custom-manufactured heat exchanger unit. When you take the time to create a custom unit, you’re investing in the future of your plant.


    We know that not all plants are created equal. Breweries and dairy processing plants have different needs, different limitations, and different products, so it makes sense that they would need to utilize different machines and/or configurations.

    When you build custom, you give your plant the heat exchanger unit it needs to thrive.

    Think Long Term

    We get it — sometimes you need a quick part replacement and you’re willing to go to whichever manufacturer will get your plant back up and running the fastest. And no matter where you source your parts, AGC can service and repair your machines.

    It’s hard to think long-term during an emergency, but when you consider the bottom line, a number of small, hasty fixes always ends up wasting more time and money than a well-thought-out solution. That’s why AGC does it all. When you source reputable parts from a reputable company and combine that with consistent and regular preventative maintenance, you set yourself up for more efficient operations, less downtime, and less hassle.


    Not only that, but when you repair with AGC, we fly our service technicians straight to you to get your equipment back in working order.

    When you invest in quality, you save time, improve worker safety, and increase the long-term reliability of your production line.

    Start Your Journey With AGC

    When you partner with AGC, you’re not only partnering with experience and skill, you’re partnering with a business that values you. Our four guiding principles of social, business, environmental, and transparency integrity inform every decision and interaction with our clientele.

    We know how important your heat exchanger is to you and your livelihood; we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Every unit we create or install is a step towards safer work environments, safer products, and healthier facilities. That’s why we view service proactively and work continuously to ensure our standards are met and exceeded across every client facility and interaction.

    If it’s time for a maintenance check, or you’re ordering a new part, it’s time to experience the AGC difference. Request a quote today for custom part repair or replacement, and reimagine the future of your plant's health.


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