How Custom Plate Packs Can Optimize Plate Heat Transfer

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    When it comes to plate heat transfer, your processing efficiency matters.

    It’s almost always in your best interest to maximize your processing efficiency if you can still maintain production quality with relative ease. Immediate benefits from maximized efficiency include less utility resources needed and fewer downtime hours for extra CIP cycles due to fouling.

    There are many components to heat transfer that can improve your processing efficiency. However, the simplest and most effective way to optimize the speed of your plant’s operation is to purchase parts for your plate heat exchanger that are designed with your operation in mind.

    AGC manufactures state-of-the-art plate heat exchangers, but we also recognize that many businesses looking to optimize their heat exchange are not looking to purchase a whole new machine. That’s why we have the world’s largest stock of PHE OEM and aftermarket plates and gaskets to customize a plate pack that’s right for your operation.

    Custom Plate Packs Improve Your Bottom Line

    AGC’s cutting-edge ProFlow series plates are designed with food applications in mind and have a large surface area that provides more consistent heat exchange. These plates meet 3-A sanitation standards and are second-to-none for sanitary heat applications. Our engineered plates specific to the food and beverage industry mean industrial-grade plates aren't being retrofitted after the fact to accommodate your industry or process. Here, custom means custom.

    Two food service manufacturing employees conversingWe're unique in that we offer custom plate packs that meet the maintenance needs of any sanitary plate heat exchanger. That’s why our slogan is “building the best, servicing the rest.”

    When you equip your machinery with high-quality sanitary plates designed for your product application, you're able to maximize your processing speeds and optimize your CIP downtime, which significantly impacts your bottom line.

    You’ll Reduce Maintenance or Cleaning

    There are two primary ways that custom plate packs from AGC can reduce production downtime. The first is the long-term benefits of our sanitary plates, and the second is our staff’s expertise in providing your business with plates that will fit your needs.

    Sanitary heat exchange plates are resistant to fouling, especially when used for food and beverage applications. As foulant material builds up on the inside of your PHE, it can adversely affect the efficiency of your operation, but also cause clogging and various other stoppages. 

    Each time you have to open your machinery to perform maintenance and cleaning, you are increasing your downtime, and halting your operation entirely until your equipment is back up and running.

    Additionally, AGC’s plate heat exchange experts are prepared to design custom plate packs that will meet your process and machine’s needs.  This will eliminate the guesswork when ordering replacement parts.

    Increased Efficiency Means Cost Savings, Period

    AGC’s ProFlow Series plates have proven time and time again to be the most efficient plates in the business. Their large surface area coupled with their 3-A standard-level sanitation make for quick and accurate heat distribution throughout your products.

    Not only do high-quality plates allow for the maximum volume of product your operation can process in any given batch, but increased efficiency of heat transfer  also means a potential for higher capacity in terms of the number of batches completed per shift.

    If your business doesn’t specialize in food and beverage production, that doesn’t mean that you don’t qualify for the opportunity to maximize your heat transfer efficiency. 

    Even if they aren’t AGC-manufactured plates, we still have the capabilities and the stock to hook your plant up with a custom plate pack that is compatible with your equipment and will support your current product mix.

    You Can Get Products That Fit the Mold of Your Specific Industry

    While we’re distinguished primarily for our state-of-the-art plate heat exchange equipment, another aspect of AGC’s business model that makes us unique is that we also stock plates and gaskets from other manufacturers, so we can always provide your plant with the materials you need for maintenance and replacement.

    We can offer plates in small quantities (down to a single plate), or in groups by section of your machinery. More commonly, we sell our plates in entire custom plate packs to fit your needs for a single plate heat exchanger, an entire plant, and everything in between.

    Getting your custom plate pack is as simple as sending us a drawing or a picture of your machinery along with a description of what plates you’ll need replacing. Not only will we work with you to select plates that will optimize your operation, but we’ll package them in order of their installation, with the first plate packaged on our end as the last plate you'll install on your end. This methodology makes the process more smooth.

    Don’t Wait for Something to Go Wrong

    Don't avoid preventative maintenance, either. Skipping it or putting it off for too long will cost a lot more in the long run than the perceived downtime associated with conducting it. 

    Contact an expert at AGC today to find out how you can optimize your operation with custom plate packs that are tailored to fit your operation’s needs.


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