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    You don’t have to read a twenty-page manual on plate heat exchangers to keep your facility running smoothly. At AGC Heat Transfer, we have you covered.

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    Keep your plant at the forefront of the market.

    At AGC Heat Transfer, we’ve spent decades designing and developing the best heat exchanger plates for sanitary applications specifically, and they outperform other brands by a wide margin. We also offer maintenance and diagnostics so you can keep your facility up to speed.

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    AGC Relocates Oregon Factory From Portland to Fairview

    AGC Relocates Oregon Factory From Portland to Fairview

    What AGC's new 63,000 square foot facility means for our customers - Increased plate production, larger regaskteing capacity and more on-hand inventory.

    New Product Announcement

    New Product Announcement

    New Product Announcement - AGC's newest ProFlow series plate, the Pro10! Provided in new AGC frames and as upgrades for Clip10, Front10 and C10 frames.



    Distance without Barriers - AGC's message to customers during this time of uncertainty. We are here for you!

    We take care of the science, so you don’t have to.

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