Heat exchanger units for high levels of viscosity

AGC’s heat transfer plates are specifically designed for sanitary applications, like prepared foods/condiments processing. These plates can handle the viscosity of food products like ketchup, peanut butter, mayonnaise, soups, and broths without causing the flow problems typically experienced when running product with industrial plates. Industrial plates are not designed for sanitary foods, especially those with significant salt content.   

When it comes to prepared food/condiments processing, heat exchangers must be opened frequently for cleaning and inspection. It’s essential to look for fibers and check for degradation specific to processing prepared food/condiments. Choosing a heat exchanger with hydraulic open/close mechanisms significantly reduces downtime associated with cleaning and inspection.

Working with AGC, we can help determine which frame types and plate series are best suited to the prepared foods/condiments you process, based on the unique properties of the product and your specific needs.

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