Applications ยป Lab Size Plate Sample

Pilot Scale Plate for University Use

The Pro013 plate is available as a demonstration prop with our logo printed in the main pattern of the plate or as a functional heat exchanger with a standard chevron main pattern. The plate boasts a 3A compliant air barrier/leak detect between fluids, a multi-level distribution area, and a snap-in (post-type) gasket. Process flow rates as low as 1 gpm have been designed with our Pro013 Kit which includes:

1 – Pro013-S Solid Stainless Steel Tie Bolt Frame
6 – Stainless Steel Tie Bolts with thrust bearings and silicon bronze nuts
30 – Pro013 316SS Plates with EPDM gaskets

The plates included in the kit allow up to a 4 pass symetric streaming arrangement. 3/4″ Tri-Clamp and 1/2″ NPT connections are standard. Contact us to see how you can get a plate sample or a Pro013 Kit for your classroom or lab.