We can assemble sanitary plate packs for your specific product

When it comes to beverage processing, a wide variety of product types are included. Juices and nutritional drinks have varying levels of viscosity, and juice products with pulp also significantly impact processing. Any type of prepared beverages, even bottled water and ready to drink tea, require attention to different variables.

With the current direction of the beverage market, it’s become increasingly popular to outfit heat exchangers with a double wall plate pack (also known as air gap plates) to allow the product to run without needing to operate differential pressure control. These double wall plate packs help beverage processing run more smoothly, and they prevent products from leaking or otherwise unintentionally bypassing pasteurization.

At AGC, we can help you determine the best plate packs and/or heat exchanger frames based on the specifics of your beverage product processing.  

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