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“We have utilized AGC for several years as our plate pack vendor, and during this time I have found them to be exceptionally responsive to our needs. Whether it is a request for a drawing, an emergency order of parts, a new or refurbished plate pack for an AGC unit or another maker’s unit, I have always found them to react quickly and efficiently to my request. The detail they bring to their work, especially with the sections of plates in order and clear instructional notes, separates them from other suppliers."

– Brian Scott, Maintenance Manager the Dannon Company

“It has been our pleasure to work with AGC from day one. The customer service team helped us select the proper equipment before we opened our doors and continues to provide excellent service at every step along the way. I have posed numerous technical and process-related questions, and AGC's support - in all aspects - has been superlative. In our recent expansion, we purchased a second unit and expanded the capacity on our original frame. Our custom retrofit was handled smoothly, and we feel we are in great hands with AGC.”

– Walker Pruett Production Manager, Imperial Organic Yeast

“We were having issues with a non-AGC branded plate pack and had done business with AGC on AGC units with great success. AGC was able to determine the issues and help resolve them. We’ve come to realize AGC leads with superior product design, competitive pricing, and superior technical support. Their equipment is high quality, heavy duty, and has a long equipment life. Working with AGC products has helped us improve the quality of our product while maintaining costs. Overall, working with AGC was professional and painless. AGC really went the extra mile when we had an issue with a unit that was from a different manufacturer. AGC came out and inspected the unit and provided technical support and solutions, even though it wasn’t their unit – and they didn’t upcharge me for the visit. All of my experiences with AGC have been professional, reliable, and fully supportive. They bring great technical knowledge to their professional services, which is reason enough for me to recommend AGC. I couldn’t be any more happier with the support and service we receive from AGC. They understand our need for support, quality, and fast service at a competitive price.”

– Joshua Marshall Plant Manager, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

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